Ontario University & College Health Association

Welcome to the Ontario University & College Health Association

The purpose of the Ontario University & College Health Association (OUCHA) is to develop and pursue all measures; which will preserve and improve the health of University and College students and their respectful community. The goal of OUCHA is to promote and ensure optimum health services to the young adult population while providing education in both prevention and current health issues.

OUCHA members continue to assist each other in maintaining meaningful and productive liaisons with the University and College community as the Health Services support the academic missions of these post secondary institutions. As members of OUCHA, you can network for the exchange of ideas and shared experiences to improve or maintain the health of the University and College communities. We meet twice a year at a meeting in late Fall and a conference geared to current issue in young adult health in May.

We welcome you to browse through our website, contact any of us regarding student Health Services and encourage you to join us in our membership of OUCHA.