Ontario University & College Health Association

About Us

The Purpose of the Ontario University & College Health Association is to develop and pursue all measures, which will preserve and improve the health of university and college students and their respective communities. The Association develops an orderly means for reaching a consensus on matters, which relate to Health Services, concerns and articulates those concerns and opinions to other related associations' agencies' institutions and/r government on behalf of its Membership.

The goal of the Ontario University & College Health Association is to promote and to ensure optimum health service to an ambulatory young adult population while providing education in both prevention and current health issues.

The university Health Service is an ancillary university department and as such is an important and intrinsic part of the university community. The Ontario University & College Health Association assists its members in maintaining a meaningful and productive liaison with university administration.

The Objective of Ontario University & College Health Association is to bring together staff members from all disciplines-physicians, nursing, psychiatry, and administration-to discuss and student issues pertaining to the advancement of young adult health education through the means of research and case studies.

The vehicle used to promote these discussions is attendance at the Annual General Meeting, which is held at rotating locations throughout Ontario. In addition, to the Annual Meeting, Divisional Meetings are held once yearly at a suitably central location whereby concerns of each Division are discussed for inclusion on the Annual Meeting Agenda. Each university Health Service is represented at these Divisional Meetings by the Executive Officer of each Division-i.e. Director' Head Nurse; Administrative assistant.

General Membership to the Ontario University & College Health Association on an individual basis is automatic upon you Health Service paying an 'Institutional" Membership Fee to the Association, These Institutional Fees are set on a yearly basis at the Annual general Meeting. Executive Office-Eligibility to Executive Office is by nomination and open election with the elected candidate holding office for a minimum of two years.

The Ontario University & College Health Association is affiliated with the Canadian College Health Service Association and the Canadian Association of Colleges and Universities Student Services. This national affiliate Associations hold annual meetings with membership from across Canada for the purpose of discussing and sharing ideas for the promotion of health related matters pertaining to a student population community, The Annual Meeting provides an avenue for interdisciplinary interaction with other Student Service representatives from Canadian Universities and Colleges and a valuable source for professional development through the variety of programs offered to the participants.

Bursary Program
A small sum of money is available to members for travel assistance to visit a member unit for the purpose of observing and studying administrative and clinical procedures which may be beneficial to their own unit.

OUCHA Benefits

  • Chances to meet new people in college and University health, to share ideas, problems and friendships.
  • Opportunities to network with college and university health professionals in Ontario
  • Newsletter to keep you up-to-date with college and university health issues. Annual.
  • Conference for professional development/ Continuing education credits earned, at annual conference.
  • Access to resources pertaining to job descriptions; continuing education tapes; protocols and medical directives for health care providers.

Keeping Current
In order to provide easy access to all its members, the OUCHA meets annually at different locations throughout the province. The conference is a forum where members can hear and present papers pertaining to current research in their field. The conference, newsletter, and networking help members stay abreast of current topics in college and university health.

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